Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hail Caesar at MillCon

One of the advantages of attending a wargames convention is that you get to try out rules you've never played before. And since MillenniumCon is put on by the Lone Star Historical Miniatures group, there were plenty of games that focused on past battles. One of these was Hail Caesar, by Warlord Games.
The GM was Pete, and he and his friends had set up a six-player game with Romans facing Carthaginians and other enemies of the Eternal City. No actual scenario was involved, just a big battle to teach us the rules.
I took a legion of Romans that included skirmishers and field artillery, while the soldiers of Carthage brought a war elephant.
The minis all looked fantastic, and my legionnaires and those of my two allies fearlessly marched into battle against the barbarians threatening Rome. The game played easily and quickly, with rules to differentiate different troop types as well as different nationalities.
The Romans held the field against the barbarians, so hooray for us. More importantly, Pete and his friends are locals, so I have some more folks to game with. I'm looking forward to playing this again.


Don M said...

Pete and his friends are locals? Out of Austin? I have a large collection of Pike armed Successors to try out.....)

Gonsalvo said...

I can't say that Hail Caesar is my favorite, but it worked fine for a big 6 player game for us a number of years ago, and I'd play it again without hesitation.