Saturday, October 14, 2017

Ogre terrain and cruise missiles

I cobbled together some additional Monopolis terrain for my Ogre game at MillenniumCon. I'm particularly happy with the radio tower, which started out as the Eiffel Tower from a Toobs package. 
I also mounted some cruise missiles on flight stands for when players launch their nukes (from Kenner's old Mega Force die-cast toys). Even though these markers will only be on the table for a short phase of a turn, I think they add to the game.
Less than a month to go till the convention. Hope to see some of y'all there.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Trying out Team Yankee

I recently played my first-ever game of Team Yankee, the Flames of War spinoff based on the concept of the 1980s Cold War turning hot.
A couple of experienced players guided me and another newbie in a game, I took a force of Soviet armored infantry, tanks, artillery, and even some Hinds. My opponent played the West Germans.
The helicopters weren't much use. They didn't get a chance to take out many enemies before the NATO antiaircraft shot down three of them, causing the last chopper to flee.
My infantry was more successful at close-assaulting enemy vehicles, and their motto was "Forward!" The T-72s, however, didn't fare as well versus the West German's panzers. In the end, the capitalist lackeys managed to hold off the heroes of the workers' paradise.
The game mechanics were nothing innovative, but it was a fun game with a lot of maneuver all over the table. And it played really quick, thanks to our instructors' thorough knowledge of the rules. I'm glad I tried it.