Thursday, July 30, 2015

Super Galactic Dreadnoughts

It's been far too long since we've seen any Super Galactic Dreadnoughts for which this blog is named, so here are some photos of four of these vessels on maneuver near the Pleiades.
The red starship in the foreground is a Terran Transsolar Federation Victory-class SGDN.
That green colossus is a Gryphon-class warship from the Avarian United Worlds.
The iridescent craft is a Swarm-class Super Galactic Dreadnought of the Entomalian Empire.
And the yellow vehicle ready to pounce is a Polecat-class ship from the Carnivoran Republic.
I'm still missing one class of Super Galactic Dreadnought from the Five Powers: the Aquarian Alliance's Typhoon. The manufacture doesn't make these huge castings in metal any more--just resin. So if anyone knows where I can get myself a metal version of the Typhoon, please let me know.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Lizardman hero for Oldhammer

I've decided to build an Oldhammer army. OK, several armies. One of them is Lizardmen, since I got a whole bunch of them really cheap one time. And while I have plenty of rank-and-file, I needed a suitable hero figure. I didn't want to pay premium prices for a Games Workshop model, and browsing my local game store I came across this guy:
He's a Lizardman Warrior from the Reaper Bones line of minis, and I think he fits in nicely with the GW plastics. Here he is posing with a Skink and a Saurus:
Suitably imposing, as a hero figure should be, and he fits in style-wise to me. Once they are all painted, they should look good as a cohesive force on the tabletop.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Still transmitting

Much like this ancient colony slowboat (note the rotating rings to provide centripetal force--the starship predates artificial gravity), the Dreadnaught is chugging along. I'm still getting organized after a move, but I hope to have more miniatures projects (spaceships, Ogre, and Oldhammer) and more gaming (same) to talk about soon.

Meanwhile, what do you think is the backstory for this interstellar vessel?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

800 posts?

I was hoping to have something substantive to say for this 800th post on Super Galactic Dreadnought--preferably, something spaceship-related to reflect this blog's original focus. Alas, I don't.

The entire month has gone by, and I haven't blogged a bit. Not much gaming for me, or working on miniatures, or much of anything else. I've been busy with real-life stuff, but I hope to have more free time soon for gaming and for blogging.

I want to play some more starship combat. I want to play Ogre. I want to play D&D.

What do you want to play that you haven't had a chance to lately?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Naval vessel rules for OGRE

I'm taking my Ogre games to sea. Eventually. Here are some naval units for some amphibious action. The have rules that are a little more complicated than conventional land armor, but like the superheavy tank, the vehicles listed below are affected normally by results of D or X on the Combat Resolution Table.

UNIT           WEAPON  ATTACK RANGE  DEFENSE MOVE                
Armored Boat                                   
               Cannon    4      2       2       3
               Missiles  3      4   
             NOTES: Two separate attacks vs. surface targets
                    Single A3 depth charge vs. subs

               APx2      1      1       2      3/2
             NOTES: Carries vehicles/infantry
                    Moves on water only
                    No road/water bonus when loaded

               Missiles  6      5      6/3      2   
               Torpedoes 3      1 
              NOTES: D6 vs. surface attacks/D3 vs. underwater

Armored Boat: The Armored Boat is a human-crewed watercraft designed for use on rivers and costal waters. It gets two attacks per turn (one equivalent to that of a heavy tank, and one equal to that of a missile tank) that can be combined if desired. It can also launch a depth charge attack at strength 3 against a submerged target in the same hex once per turn.

LC-GEV: Each Landing Craft-GEV can transport up to two companies (24 squads) of infantry or two armor units (for example, two heavy tanks, four light tanks, a missile tank and two light tanks, etc.). Alternatively, it can carry whatever models fit into its bay. LC-GEVs can only enter a land hex to embark or disembark cargo. Loaded LC-GEVs do not get a bonus for water movement.

Submarine: While submerged, a submarine can launch a single Ogre-type missile attack against a surface target or another sub. It can also shoot a torpedo salvo against a nearby submarine or boat. Submarines have a defense of 6 against surface attacks from Ogre-type missiles and howitzers, and all such attacks are at half strength. Subs have a defense of 3 versus depth charges, torpedoes, and marine infantry. No other unit can attack submarines.

If you use any of these in a game, please let me know how it does.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sci-fi transport

Picked up this model from eBay to use as terrain, an objective, or even a vehicle in my sci-fi tank battles such as Ogre.
This monstrosity is called the Thunderwolf heavy lift helicopter, and it's from the Mega Force line of toys by Kenner that came out in the early 1990s. (I have a few other vehicles from this range; they make great additions to your 6mm scale armies.)
In my games, it will portray a heavy vehicle transport. Since this one is missing a rotor, I will probably take off the remaining blades (as well as the improbably large gun turrets) and call it an ekranoplan--which fits in nicely with the lack of strategic air capability in the Ogre background.
As you can see, this thing is huge--it makes a Mark III Ogre look like a dwarf! However, it can carry only a couple of conventional armor units at a time.
If I used this vehicle in a game, I'd give it GEV movement of 4/3--but only on water. I would also make it fairly tough because of its size, maybe a defense of 3. If it's destroyed, so is whatever it was carrying. I'll even throw in a couple of antipersonnel guns, but this is a transport, not an attack craft.
Or I may just put it on the map as a scenario objective. Maybe it's carrying modules to build a prototype Ogre that each side wants to capture. And maybe the Ogre's partially functional ...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Axles & Alloys after-action report

A couple of weeks ago, we got together for food and gaming to celebrate Joe's birthday. In order to accomodate more than a half-dozen players, we ended up playing Axles & Alloys, a vehicle combat game based on Full Thrust.
Vehicles were equipped with weapons like machine guns, oil sprayers and even spike- or napalm-droppers. We lined up with the idea of seeing who could make two laps around the track, but over the course of the game, no one got further than a quarter-lap. Everybody was too busy shooting at everyone else.
Blake modified a bunch of die-cast vehicles straight out of the box, and there were a few more works-in-progress.
I took the cop car, naming it the Black & White & Red All Ova, and calling my driver Inspecta Specta (I was going for a Wu Tang Clan vibe).
Straight out of the gate, the mayhem ensues. Eventually, after shooting I get a chance to ram some vehicles that got in my way. The collision takes out one car and kills the driver. I then reverse to hit another car and take out its operator too. The resulting fireball kills my driver as well, before the first turn.
It's a fun game, and after seeing Mad Max: Fury Road, I have the urge to buy a bunch of Hot Wheels and convert them to post-apocalyptic battle wagons. What a lovely day!