Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Starfleet Wars eBay find

You may be thinking, "What's he doing, blogging about a spaceship game after all this time?" but I haven't abandoned that aspect of my hobby. And on that note, I have to share my latest eBay score.
In addition to the Starfleet Wars rules and expansion booklet, both in great condition, I received a laminated quick reference sheet. It also came with the original envelope and a pad of starship record sheets. In the days long before home computer printers, or even easy access to a photocopier, these record sheets were a necessary game component.
This auction lot also came with a promotional pamphlet for SfW on glossy paper. While the front duplicates the rulebook cover image and the back lists the range of castings at the time the game was released, it's the inside of this sheet that's remarkable. ...

... A full-color photograph of the minis that existed at publication, painted in classic 1970s graphic style.
While this image is floating around the internet, it's cool to have a copy of the original publication, and in such great condition. I think I will put it in a frame and hang it on the wall of my game room.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Frostgrave in the House (of Longreach)

The exploration (or is that exploitation?) of the Frozen City continues. In our most recent Lich Lord campaign game, we entered The House of Longreach--an ancient mansion with magical doorways.
Unfortunately, those doors were hard for my wizard and her crew to get working. While the portals are supposed to transfer characters to the treasure room, or to other doorways on the battlefield, Quarell, my crossbowman, stepped through one door and got teleported out of the game.
It was a good crowd, though: Four of us longtime players paired off to play the Longreach scenario on separate boards, while another veteran, Jon, introduced a new player to Frostgrave on a third setup.
Unfortunately, most of my characters ended up taking damage from the malfunctioning dimensional portals. My opponent, Wes, was more fortunate, and had a couple of characters zap on over next to my apprentice.
Meanwhile, my two treasure hunters (Frick and Frack, members in good standing of the Guild of Condotierre, Linkboys, Roustabouts, and Stevedores, Marlinko chapter) managed to cart a couple of treasures off the board. Nice, but I was hoping for more valuable loot from the vault.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Monopolis emergency response vehicles

So here are my emergency response vehicles for use with my Monopolis scenarios for Ogre. These units may be large, but they're still small compared to a Mark III-B cybertank.
This MASH unit was originally for use in Battletech, but it will work just fine for me as a medical evacuation vehicle. I like the look of this one; I just need to add some white detailing.
This Battletech coolant truck will serve as a Monopolis firefighting vehicle. I'm not happy with how it turned out--the drybrushing makes it look like the paint job was scuffed off--so I will probably redo it to match the ambulance, then add bright blue for the emergency lights and paint the water cannon some sort of chrome and brass.
These emergency response vehicles are larger than this NAC Ranger heavy tank. That's OK, though, considering all the destruction the Monopolis Fire & Rescue has to deal with. Maybe they can keep the damage under control.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Frostgrave: Rangifer rager

A couple of weeks ago, we played the "Run of the Rangifer" scenario from Thaw of the Lich Lord.
Rangifer are reindeer-headed humanoids from Frostgrave who hate the undead. They weren't too fond of our wizards and soldiers, either.
Of course, there was bound to be conflict, since the Rangifer started the scenario next to the treasure tokens everybody was after.
My long-distance shooting was pretty poor, but my spellcasting helped me drive off these creatures and grab some treasure.
Other players got into hand-to-hand combat with the Rangifer.
Then, the wraith knight made an appearance, and the undead-hating Rangifer attacked him. They helped wear him down, but my wizard ended up with the kill (and the experience points).
As usual, I found a Wall spell very handy for keeping enemies away from my wizard and apprentice.
In another game, a couple of players encountered an ice troll guarding some good treasure.
This week, the scenario is "House of Longreach." I'm enjoying this campaign.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hail Caesar battle report

I played my first game of Hail Caesar last fall at MillenniumCon. Last weekend, I had a chance to play another game with the local players who introduced it to me at the convention. I took a force of Roman auxiliaries, while the two other players on my side had actual legions.
We faced off against a couple of Celt armies. The Romans' goal was to recover three battle standards that had been stolen by the barbarians. Their goal was to stop us. Unfortunately, the player did not make several command rolls, meaning his army stood and watched while mine advanced.
I like these shots of my heavy auxiliaries (above) and medium auxiliaries (below) moving out toward the enemy.
I also had a cavalry detachment. In Hail Caesar, infantry don't usually stand up to a mounted charge.
These barbarians were no exception; they turned and ran as my cav hit them.
Meanwhile, the legions commanded by the other players were getting into it heavy with the other barbarian forces.
A lot of back-and-forth, as each side threw in all their available troops.
Even the generals joined the battle, adding their dice to the total that each unit in combat rolled.
Finally, the barbarians made a roll to get another force on the board. By this time, the Romans had recovered two of their standards and were backing away from the battlefield. We called the game, which everyone enjoyed.
It was a fun learning experience, and I hope to play Hail Caesar again soon.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

More Frostgraving

I'm woefully behind on blogging about our weekly games of Frostgrave, so here's a photo dump in order to catch up. First, three weeks ago, we played a straightforward battle, since we're doing scenarios from Thaw of the Lich Lord on alternating Thursdays, and this was an off week.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Interlude: vampire lair

Yosef, one of the players in our Frostgrave group, enjoys making terrain. In addition to creating most of the scenery for our FG scenarios, he puts together boards for other games, like this vampire's lair for another gamer.
The roof comes off to reveal a detailed interior. I especially like the stained-glass windows made with artwork printed onto transparency sheets. It's a cool piece. We're lucky to have him apply his talents to our gaming table.