Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another Oldhammer find

Is fifth-edition Warhammer considered Oldhammer? It's from two decades ago, so I'm gonna say yes.
I found this Warhammer Battle Book from the fifth edition boxed set at Half Price Books recently. I'm a little surprised that I am interested in the background from this era of the game (I have the Lizardmen and Bretonnia army books), but it is pretty interesting reading.

The Battle Book includes brief overviews (and lotsa photos) of the various forces of the Warhammer world. It also has rules and stats for many of the races, beasts, and monsters. There's also a short section on running campaigns, which can be adapted to other games as well. Who else has scored something vintage from a used book store recently?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs

A great find in the clearance section of Hobbytown USA: Five sheets of Ultra Reflect 1/64 road signs printed on reflective material with aluminum backing--for $1 each! These sheets are from Innovative Hobby Supply, a company that sells slot car accessories.
Although a little on the small side for 28mm scale, these signs will add verisimilitude to modern and post-apocalypic game setups. Right out of the package they will make great modern-day terain for All Things Zombie and After the Horsemen. In addition, with a little weathering (rust, scratches, bullet holes), they can fit in with the rest of the Fallout-like scenery in a game of Gamma World or Mutants and Death Ray Guns.
I'm keeping one sheet for myself and sending the rest to my brother for his ATZ game. Since his Zombieville setup will include a multi-level parking garage and several streets, these traffic signs will dress the set up nicely.