Thursday, April 14, 2016

Take a ride on the Reading Railroad

The Ogre Designer's Edition has a couple of scenarios involving trains (one of which dates back to the original publication of GEV). So I decided I want one for my Monopolis battles.
I found this Micro Machines bullet train and track on eBay. It's about the right scale for games of Ogre on my large hex mat. In the game, a train comes in two sections, each of which takes up one hex, so I don't need the three passenger cars.
It also has nearly enough track sections to span my entire map. All aboard!


HoldFast said...

Great find! Will you pain it or keep the original colors?

Desert Scribe said...

I'm definitely going to paint the tracks, although I'm not sure how. As far as the train itself, I was planning on leaving it like it is, but I'm open to suggestions. What do you think?

HoldFast said...

Yes, the tracks could use some paint. The train is not too bad as is. I like the red with the bold arrow design. It needs something to make it appear consistent with the Ogre universe. Perhaps a modified small Ogre tower or 'brain dome' on the top. I know the train doesn't haVe a cybernetic mind like the Ogres, but maybe a simplified version? Modern trains systems are incredibly automated by 20th century standards. After that, just a dark wash to bring out the details.