Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Starships: Song of Void and Stars

Photo from Mémoires d'un joueur blog.
Remember last spring when I mentioned that Ganesha Games, the publisher of Song of Blades and Heroes, was working on a spaceship game based on SoBaH?  I didn't either, till just now when the game's author posted a link to a playtest report of the new game, called Song of Void and Stars.  The blog, Mémoires d'un joueur (Memories of a player), is in French, so here's the blog post translated into English (courtesy Google translate). 

Like all machine translations, this one's a little inexact, but apparently the game uses different colored tokens to track damaged and destroyed ship systems.  I don't know if it's the playtester's idea or it's in the rules, but I do like the concept of using fighters to represent missiles in the game--let's face it, in most starship combat games, fighters are pretty much disposable ordnance.

In this particular playtest, damage to the Rebel ship knocked out its control systems, forcing it to fly through an asteroid field, making it easy for the Imperial vessel to finish it off.  Seems like SoVaS will be a quick-playing game that would allow me to put a lot of ships on the table.  I'm looking forward to learning more about Song of Void and Stars.


Spartan 117 said...

SoVaS sounds like it might be worth trying :)

Spartan 117

Arsenus said...

Hello! For the tokens, I used Tie Bombers, B-wing and Y-wing as missiles and Tie Fighter, X-wing and A-wing as fighters.

You can also used gems tokens or paper tokens for the same use.


Arsenus said...
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Arsenus said...

I forgot to tell that I am the french tester.^^

I love your blog! It is a very cool one!

Desert Scribe said...

Arsenus, thank you for visiting the Dreadnought. Let us know when you do another playtest.

Arsenus said...

I Will do another playtest tomorrow with Star Trek ships.

Arsenus said...

Another fight!