Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another Oldhammer find

Is fifth-edition Warhammer considered Oldhammer? It's from two decades ago, so I'm gonna say yes.
I found this Warhammer Battle Book from the fifth edition boxed set at Half Price Books recently. I'm a little surprised that I am interested in the background from this era of the game (I have the Lizardmen and Bretonnia army books), but it is pretty interesting reading.

The Battle Book includes brief overviews (and lotsa photos) of the various forces of the Warhammer world. It also has rules and stats for many of the races, beasts, and monsters. There's also a short section on running campaigns, which can be adapted to other games as well. Who else has scored something vintage from a used book store recently?


HoldFast said...

Nice! I've got a bunch of Dwarves that were intended to be another HoTT army. Maybe they would get better use as an Old-hammer army. Or Kings of War.
I'm always looking for GURPS stuff. Last month I found the Age of Napoleon source book at HPB. It's sells for a ridiculous price on eBay.

Desert Scribe said...

I'm gonna use my Lizardmen and my Bretonnians for Oldhammer, Kings of War, Hordes of the Thinks, and Book of War.

Paul said...

I managed to get hold of the old WFRP adventures "Death on the Reik" and "Shadows over Bogenhafen" plus a copy of Warmaster from our local second hand bookshop a little while ago but sadly it has closed now, so little chance of anything more coming from that source!