Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adventures in ebaying

Behold, my newest prize from the Bay of E.  I've been out of the Warhammer scene for years.  But when I scored a Warhammer fifth edition boxed set, which I plan on using to make more Hordes of the Things armies, I realized I had no idea how to paint the Bretonnians and Lizardmen included in that game.

I like the bright colors used in the art for the rules and in the painting examples given by Games Workshop from that era.  I remembered seeing a Bretonnian army book at a Half-Price Books store, but when I went back it was gone.  I began scouting ebay for that codex, but most of the prices were too high for me. 

Finally, I found an auction for a Bretonnian book at a price I liked, so I bid.  Looking at the seller's other items, I saw the Lizardman tome and thought to myself, "Might as well get that one too, since the reptiles are the knights' opponents.  It's cheap, and I can combine shipping with the Bretonnian book."

So of course I get outbid on the Bretonnian publication--the book I wanted--but still win the Lizardmen.  At first I considered it a white elephant.  However, after a quick flip through the pages, my new book has already given me some ideas on how to paint this reptilian force. 

You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you do get what you can use.

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Sean said...

Pretty good score. Bummer about the Bretonnia book though. Many's the time I regret not pulling the trigger on a purchase at Half Price Books. Although there are also the volumes that lie unread, but we'll ignore those some more.