Monday, April 8, 2013

The quest is complete

At last!  I finally tracked down a copy of the mid-'90s Bretonnia army book for Warhammer.  I've been trying to score one of these since late last year, when I landed a Lizardmen supplement buy just missed out on the Bretonnia book offered by the same buyer. 

Since I landed a boxed WFB set with dozens of plastic feudal warriors and their reptilian opponents (all for use as armies for Hordes of the Things) some time ago, I have been struggling with how I'm gonna paint the knight and bowmen models.  I've seen several copies of the Bretonnia supplement on ebay, but until now I had always been outbid.

I'm thrilled to have this tome in my hands now.  Something about the bright, primary colors used in the heraldry and livery for these figures attracts me.  I don't know if I'll be able to do them justice, but at least now I have a starting point for some possible color schemes.  Rule Bretonnia!


Anne said...

I just saw some Bretonians painted up by Simon over at Stone Cold Lead and they were just beautiful.

Enjoy the nostalgia, it's a nice thing isn't it.

Nathan said...

I love that book. They were the reason I got back into wargaming.
I wish I had known you were after a copy, I am pretty sure I have two! If there are any other old Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 army books you are after, drop me a line, mine are just stored away in a box!

Sean said...

Nice score. I'm flirting with the Oldhammer concept.

Collin Schrader said...

Ah! That series of codices are the best thing GW ever printed. Loads of enthralling fluff and a generous page count, unlike the later versions.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I think I have a copy laying around that I would have given you, or at least traded.