Monday, December 26, 2016

More minis for Frostgrave

Other than for D&D, I don't really buy new figures for my games, but I've been doing that lately for Frostgrave. The game's light background allows (even encourages) players to customize their warbands and give them unique backstories, all without having to purchase very many miniatures.
That said, I invested in some troops to bolster my wizard's forces as they scour the frozen city for treasure. These Anhurian soldiers from Reaper will fill in nicely as archers, crossbowmen, and other martial types. And in addition to Frostgrave, they will serve well as guards or soldiers in D&D or Song of Blades and Heroes.
I like the Bones line of minis from Reaper because they're cheap, easy to paint, and easy to modify if you're so inclined. And while there's an official line of Frostgrave plastic figures, I'm gonna go with the Bones for my warband.
I also bought some barrels to help with another group of figures I'm working on. More about that later. Hope y'all had a great holiday!

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Tiny Basement said...

Frostgrave is such a great ruleset. I was so impressed how Osprey was able to create a new, evocative world, akin to Mordheim, but still new and refreshing. I've played a few games with stand in pieces (LotR mostly) but would love to get a new warband together.

Good luck!