Monday, May 8, 2017

The cauldron and the cultists

Time for another Frostgrave battle report. This time, in our Lich Lord campaign, my wizard stumbled across a group of death cultists atop a hill, performing an unholy rite around a dark cauldron filled with vile necromancy.
Of course, there was plenty of treasure laying around, and apprentice Vega Brewer sent Stout, Frick, Bowman, and Smith to secure a nearby pile of loot.
The Frozen City has many features, including this waterfall locked into ice.
Meanwhile, the wizard Spica "Spike" Brewer, sent her apothecary, Gertrude, to quickly get another treasure off the battlefield.
The apprentice ended up leading her soldiers close to the cultists' ceremony, then used a wall to isolate many of them as another wizard's party took them on in hand-to-hand combat while Smith fought a zombie summoned from the cauldron.
On the other side, a third wizard's group fought the death cultists as well, while my troops fired missiles or cast spells from a short distance away.
Soon after, the other wizard tipped over the cauldron (and got the experience points), with the cultists all out of commission.
Again, I managed not to lose any soldiers, as we marched on toward the penultimate scenario in the Lich Lord campaign.

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