Sunday, May 7, 2017

Catching up with Frostgrave

I've been neglecting to document my Frostgrave gaming, so allow me to present this update from the Frozen City filled with fantastic treasure: 
As our Lich Lord campaign takes place on alternating Thursdays, a few weeks ago we played generic. non-LL Frostgrave scenario. I like the look of the table with all the ruins; it really conveys the feel of a fallen city.
There was a light of fighting over treasure in this game, and the fact that there were several multi-level structures gave us all a chance to try new tactics.
This was a three-player game, with a chance for treasure or random creatures when we took an action to search certain locations on the board, such as this dragon skull (that concealed a werewolf).
These large crystals also held monsters, posing a problem for my opponent (and keeping him distracted from me).
In the end, my wizard's band escaped relatively unscathed, with several more treasures and a lot more experience. More updates to come ...

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