Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Chancellor Campaign: Players wanted

I've been kicking campaign ideas around in my head for some time now, and I've finally decided to run something.

Although I've covered similar ground in a previous scenario, The Chancellor Campaign is also inspired by Delta's look at the boardgame Sink the Bismark.  Like the historical scenario it's based on, the idea is to have two powerful ships hunting supply convoys and in turn being hunted by a larger number of less powerful ships.

There will be two facets to this campaign:  In the strategic component, participants will order ships from hex to hex on the map above.  During the tactical portion, players will game out any ship-to-ship combat that results from enemy ships entering the same hex.

Since I'm not inclined to run massive play-by-email battles (like those I discovered here and here), I will conduct the starship combat on the tabletop, using my miniatures and the Starfleet Wars rules.  I want to referee these games, and I welcome any San Antonio- and Austin-area players who want to participate.  If I can't find enough players, I'll play one side myself.

For the strategic moves, however, I'd like to give my blog readers a chance to take part.  Therefore, I'm looking for some online players to take the role of the starbase admirals and the various fleets via email.  I need three players for the Alliance forces: one player will be in charge of Material Command and direct the various supply convoys, the next player will command the numerous yet relatively weaker ships of the Homeworld Fleet, and the last player will control the smaller number of powerful vessels of the Patrol Fleet.  On the other side, I need one or two players to direct the massive Chancellor and its almost-as-powerful escort, the Noble Knight Prince.

So to sum it up: I need lots of local players who want to game starship combat, and I need four or five email players who will direct these fleets at the strategic level.  Please leave a comment if you're interested in taking part, either in person or via email.


ckutalik said...

Umm hell yeah.

Spartan 117 said...

I'm interested

Matgc said...

I'd be interested in being part of the strategic campaign. Although, I don't know if any knowledge about Starfleet Wars rules would be required (I have none...)

Prufrock said...

Sounds like a great idea and I'd be keen to be part of the strategic campaign if you still need players. I don't know the rules though... If a newbie will do, please drop me a note at prufrock DOT japan AT gmail DOT com


Gonsalvo said...

This sounds very inspired! I'd definitely be interested in the strategic campaign.... if I were 1000 miles closer I'd be interested in the tactical, as I have plenty of the Starfleet wars ships; who knows, might have a go at fighting some of the actions out a second time locally!

Samulus said...

I'm interested in the strategic level command (unless you've got a million airmiles you're not using...) although as noted by others I have no knowledge of the rules so no real idea as to the capabilities of my potential fleet (so like most admirals/generals then :P

Desert Scribe said...

Excellent! ckutalik and Spartan, you're both in for the tactical portion of the campaign. Along with Brad and any other interested local gamers, we shouldn't have too much of a problem playing out these combats that result from the strategic players' orders.

Speaking of: Matgc, Prufrock, Gonsalvo, and Samulus, consider yourselves signed up for the strategic portion! Since you'll be directing the ships on a strategic level, like a deskbound admiral at the base, you don't have to know the specifics of the game rules, just the general characteristics and capabilities of the starships involved, which I will share with you.

P.S. Gonsalvo, if you do replay any of the encounters from this campaign, be sure to share the results. It will be interesting to see how different commanders handle the same situation.

Gonsalvo said...

Excelllent, and if I do run any of the scenarios, I'll certainly post something about them.

Looking forward to this!

Desert Scribe said...

Samulus, I need your email address, please.