Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A familiar face in the Ghost Archipelago

Another custom scenario last week. In this one-shot (non-campaign) game, we each received a Heritor with random abilities, a Warden, and three specialist crewmembers, each with a single Heritor ability. The backstory: We'd all heard rumors of a newcomer to the isles, someone from a frozen city far to the north. If this individual found the Crystal Pool, then Bad Things would happen. So we banded together to seek this person out.
He was known as the Lich Lord. And he brought his undead friends with him to the island. Maybe it was the fact that my lizardmen had more detailing, but they were easily able to defeat the skeletons that came at us.
The Lich Lord had found some local allies, tribesmen led by a witch doctor out for power. But some archery took out the spell caster before he could do too much, and I brought my tomb robber in to take out the warriors, with some backup from another warband.
The allied Heritors and their assistants put an end to the Lich Lord's exploration of the Ghost Archipelago. Here's hoping he stays up north.

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Maj. Guiscard said...

I am enjoying the goings on in the Archipelago.
Keep that Northerner out!