Saturday, September 29, 2018

One more Ogre batrep

Another look back at an Ogre game, this one from July. The green and gray force is trying to get across the river and off the opposite side of the map.
The OGREcovery vehicle also serves as an infantry transport, but the defending blue ground-pounders are dug into the city ahead.
Pro tip: If there's infantry dug into the town hex, target it directly. Once it's rubble, infantry only get double defense instead of triple.
The Ground Effect Ogre got some game time here; with the river providing a nice pathway for it.
The opposing Ogres, Big Red and Bigger Red, were attempting to stop us.
Yes, we used superheavies as well.
Below, you can see the conning tower of the Mark V as it travels along the lake bottom, trying to get to the opposite shore, with the GEO in support.
One Ogre is across the bridge, with the second right behind it but still submerged.
The Ogres ended up busting through; making it a victory for the greens and grays.
Coming soon: More Ogre.


Gonsalvo said...

We've got the green Ogres, so the grey must be.... Donkey? :-)

Joseph Bloch said...

Can the Ogre-GEV turn off the fans and sink under the water to get protection?