Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

Sure, my Command Post had a lot to deal with in 2019, so I didn't blog as much as I wanted, but I got to roll lots of dice and get plenty of miniatures on the table, like this pack of Ogres at MillenniumCon. Here's to more gaming in 2020!


pancerni said...

I enjoyed your blog this year, look forward to 2020. I will do more sci-fi this year, get some on my blog. Keep warm.

Wouter said...

Happy New Year!
Thank you for all the wonderful posts and helpful reviews over the course of 2019!

Gustavo Rocha said...

Hello, do you have the casino and zoo 3D printing projects of the Monopoly City Collector´s Tin Edition? With your permission, I would like to have the prints for personal use. If not, can you sell 3d printing models to other countries? How can I contact you by email?

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Gustavo, I do not have any 3D printed models or electronic files. All my buildings come from Monopoly variants and were obtained via eBay.