Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Back to the Frozen City

This month we returned to Frostgrave, bringing our wizards and their warbands back to the Frozen City. Desiring to shake things up, we each took a wizard from one of the schools of the Pentangle from the Maze of Malcor supplement in order to play the campaign. I played an Astromancer. The first scenario had our teams searching the display cases of The Relic Room.
We started off with level 12 wizards, but were all slightly disadvantaged by the unfamiliar spells of this supplement. However, wizards of the Pentangle still can cast some spells from the main book, and both I and my opponent took advantage of the Wall spell as we tried to keep each other from searching the display cabinets.
Making the game even more interesting, you weren't guaranteed a treasure when you smashed open one of the cases--instead, there was a chance for a bog man, a bloodwave (proxied by Reaper slimes, above and below), or a shrieking wolf.
Still, I managed to get two or three treasures and avoided any permanent casualties. It's always fun playing Frostgrave, and I'm enjoying this campaign.

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Ski said...

Looks cool! I wish I could get a regular game of Frostgrave going, it's always so tough to get folks to commit and stick with it.