Monday, September 15, 2014

Trees for Ogre

To complement my forest tiles I'm making for the big-hex Ogre game I'm putting together (which seems to be taking a long time), I assembled a number of trees.  I'll place them on or around the forest hexes, giving an overall impression of a wooded area.
I made these from diorama accessories purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I got two different colors of trees; I would have used more if they'd had them.  But the trees didn't come with stands, so I needed to find something I could stick them in.
Instead of expensive air-drying clay, I found this stuff in the clearance section.  It's a little soft, but it served its purpose in providing a stand in which to stick the "trunks" of the miniature trees.  And the color meant that it wouldn't be too obvious if the flocking was thin in places.
Since the stands were still a little narrow, making it easy to knock over the trees, I glued these assemblages to pennies, then flocked the entire base, as seen in the first photo.  As you can see, they scale well with Ogre minis. And they look good on the forest tiles, too.  I may actually complete this project!

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Porky said...

They do look the part. I don't think I've seen a pack quite like that before, but I'm going to have to pay more attention. They're very naturalistic, and clearly work for more than the one scale - the bushes in the most recent post are also superb. For the storage space terrain takes up, multi-use like that helps.