Sunday, May 12, 2013

Playing Song of Blades and Heroes with robots

I'm late to the posting, but I thought I would share my perspective of the day-long gamefest at the home of Holdfast, known as Man-Summit 2013.
You can click on that link for a detailed report (or see what Da Baron had to say), and I will just talk about the Song of Blades and Heroes games we played on this great-looking table.
The first game was a campaign written for use with any set of wargames rules.  Two teams move from sector to sector searching for objectives and encountering surprises like terrain hazards or nonplayer warbands.  SoBaH such a dynamic game.
However, because of the nature of this scenario, there was only a single combat between player forces, and at close range it eliminated a lot of the maneuver that makes
So we wrapped up that game, rearranged the table slightly, and set across from each other for a 2-on-2 battle--me and Da Baron against Holdfast and John.
I had my Heroscape robot warband, Da Baron had his mercenaries and wizard with elementals, Holdfast had his assassin team, and John had a goblin warband featuring some of my Pathfinder minis.
Holdfast's assassins held off the lava creatures for quite some time before eventually falling to them.
The robots' shooting was ineffective, so they decided to close the gap and fight the goblins close-in.
Holdfast's dark elf leader holed up in this Mage Knight tower for awhile, but then came back out to melee with the robots.
An elemental got a gruesome kill on one of the goblins, forcing the leader and the rest of that warband to flee.
While the goblins' spider proved tough, it eventually died.  The dark elf got up and fled, handing victory to the robots (and their allies).
It was a very fruitful day of gaming.  My thanks to our gracious host and our fellow players.  I can't wait to play Song of Blades and Heroes again.

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