Monday, May 13, 2013

In case anyone missed this ...

... there's currently a Kickstarter project for a Robotech miniatures gameRobotech, of  course, is a franchise based on several anime (including Macross) that helped launch the giant stompy robot craze in the United States and was one of the inspirations for the Battletech franchise.

Palladium Books is doing the Robotech RPG Tactics game--a set of miniatures rules that comes with a whole bunch of 1/285 scale plastic mecha models.  That's the same scale (and some of the same designs) used for the Battletech game! 

While the Robotech RPG Tactics game looks interesting, I'm also thinking about all the other rules you could use these models for.  In addition to Battletech, there's Dirtside, Future War Commander, and 5150: Star Army (especially if I ever get around to writing some company-level armor rules for that game).

Go check out the various pledge levels--the game's a little costly, but you get a whole lotta minis for your money.  And if the price is too steep, you can always get some friends to chip in and then split up the goodies.  Better hurry though, the funding campaign ends on May 20--just one week left!


Maj. Diz Aster said...

I would have been interested in the rule book for this, but since it's by Palladium Games, I'm giving it a pass. Since Kevin Siembieda is involved that kills the game for me, but I might buy some of the minis at some point. One rulebook that will probably work, when it gets produced, is 5150: No Mercy- the 5150 Mecha combat game, but like the 5150:SA Big Battles supplement, that's a ways off(according to Ed)

Malcadon said...

The wargame rules looks OK, and I'm not a fan of the Palladium rules - although, I own a number of Palladium books - but I really like the miniatures! The best part is that they are poseable - not like an action figure, but in the way you glue them together. They look fantastic, and I cant wait to buy them.