Sunday, June 30, 2013

By This Axe in action

The other day Chris was kind enough to give me a hardcopy of his fantasy miniature wargame, By This Axe.  As you can see, it looks good in print, both front and back.  That reminds me, I need to post pics from our battle of last month.  I went over to  Chris's to play a quick game.  He had the forces set up, including judicious use of dungeon tiles as movement trays.
I had mostly humans, and some hobbits, against the lich's evil guys and monsters.
I had plenty of knights, along with a nice band of archers.  Each side also had a number of characters (leaders), including paladins, fighters, wizards, and clerics.
Several times our forces met, and retreated from each other.  It requires a leader to rally a fleeing unit, otherwise it proceeds off the battlefield.
There were some fantastic units, like this band of giant lizards that my knights managed to flank.
My band of elite gladiators fell to the group of  ghost minotaurs, summoned from the Hall of the Mountain King in the wilds of the Hill Cantons.
In the end, my band of warriors drove off the forces of evil, keeping the land safe until the next game of By This Axe.
My thanks to Chris for the copy of the rules and for hosting.  We're thinking of starting a campaign using these rules.  I'm looking forward to it.


phf said...

I need to order those rules just for the art! :-)

Chris said...

I just ordered a copy too!

Ski said...

Make sure you get a cut! Sold.

Chris Kutalik said...

His check is umm "in the mail".

I'm working on the campaign rules today btw.

HoldFast said...

That's a lot of minis on the board! Crazy!