Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Fourth ...

So to commemorate Star Wars Day today, here's a quick batrep from a couple of games on Saturday.  I went over to Steven's for some Warhammer 40,000, but other players never showed, so my host and I played two matches of X-Wing.
The first game was the scenario that comes with the Imperial shuttle rules, where the Empire player has to recover personnel stuck on disabled spaceships.  Instead of using the counters for the incapacitated vessels, I grabbed some of my other minis that were a good fit size-wise to serve as the objective markers.  I also brought my scratchbuilt escape pods to keep track of the people recovered, as this seemed better than using a sensor token from the game.  I was doing fine as the Empire, until my opponent blew up my shuttle, effectively ending the scenario in his favor.
The second game was a straight 100-point squad contest, using asteroids (with my own space rocks on top of the markers that come with the game).  My host stayed with the Rebels for this game.  It turned into a real furball, with the asteroids forcing my foe to fly around a bit, taking some damage from the floating debris.  However, the Rebel went on to eliminate my ships one-by-one, until Vader was the only remaining fighter, taken out by Luke Skywalker and friends.  An enjoyable time, and I think I have a new X-Wing convert!

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Gonsalvo said...

Glad you got some Star Wars gaming in, especialy on "May the Fourth"!

However, granted that Life inevitably happens and intrudes on the important stuff, like gaming, how rude is it not to at least call or email or something that you can't make it for a game you said you'd be at?!