Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scratchbuilt escape pods

The other day, my lovely wife came up to me and out of the blue mentioned that some of the beads she buys to make necklaces would also make great escape pods for my spaceship games.  One of the many reasons I adore her--she enables my hobbies!
She gave me a handful of beads to play with, and here's the process I came up with:
For singles, I took some nails and glued them head-down onto some small wooden discs.  For multiple groups of escape pods, I glued nails onto 3/4-inch washers.  To vary the level of each pod, I shortened some of the nails with wire cutters.
Then I glued them on.  Because these beads have holes in them, getting them onto an intact nail was pretty easy.  But since cutting the nail meant losing the point, it was problematic getting the beads onto the shortened nails.  I'm too cheap to buy shorter nails just for this project, so I'm gonna have to make the rest of them all the same height.
As you can see, they're a little large, but fit in pretty nicely with my existing ships like this Terran galactic battlecruiser.  Again, my thanks to my wonderful spouse.  Anyone else have a spouse that helps you game, even if she (or he) doesn't?


Maj. Diz Aster said...

Neat idea! Wish my wife would support my hobby. She doesn't even like science fiction :(
But I love her anyway :)

Ski said...

She doesn't help much but she sure supports it and has been known to enjoy a game of Song of Blades and Heroes from time to time

Black Vulmea said...


DaveV said...

Great find - I agree, she's a keeper.

My wife doesn't wargame, but she plays board games (Settlers, etc.) and has bought me the odd Forge World model as a present.

Last year, she let me play at the 40K nationals event in Las Vegas, NV, just as long she came along and we made a week's vacation out of the trip.