Monday, August 11, 2014

Blitzkrieg Commander game

Joe hosted a World War II scenario last weekend, a clash between Soviets and Germans in Ukraine in January 1943, after the USSR's victory at Stalingrad.  The rules were a heavily modified version of Blitzkrieg Commander.
I played the Russians, while Grant and Scott took the Germans.  Their goal was to push the Soviet Army back from a town it had recaptured on the Don River.  As the Russian player, my goal was to hold them off.
I had some early victories with daring placement of some of my tanks--taking out his armor at a 2 for 1 exchange rate (quantity has a quality all its own).  The German armor did do some damage to some other armor I left vulnerable.
But my big break came with some lucky dice rolls that landed me a couple of battalions of T-34s on the fifth turn.  They helped me hold off (and eventually destroy the Germans' Tiger, and I kept the Nazis from getting close to the town for quite some time.
As the game progressed, the Germans were closing in on the town, but I was still holding them off, despite heavy casualties from off-board artillery.  We lost track of turns, so I conceded the game when I had to leave, but I think it was pretty close to a draw.  Fun game, and it's nice to be pushing lead once more.

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