Thursday, June 26, 2014

Look at what else arrived

My felt game mat arrived from Corsec Engineering.  This is some quality felt, thicker than the space mat I have.  I showed my brand new gaming mat to my wife, who asked to feel the fabric.  Then she exclaimed, "Blankie!" grabbed the mat from me and wrapped herself up in it because she was cold.  I eventually got it back.
This mat is 60 inches by 80 inches.  It has 15 rows of four-inch hexes across and is 22 hexes long--about the same dimensions as your original Ogre map, with plenty of space for the eponymous minis in this game.  The color gradients suggest clear terrain.
I won't just be using this for super-sized games of Kill the CP, however.  I picked this hex size because in addition to holding a cybertank with room to spare, it has room for plenty of terrain, like the buildings I'm using for the city of Monopolis.
I have in mind several scenarios (or maybe one big scenario) involving a large city.  I found some thin balsa wood strips that will make nice sections of road once painted, and forest (lichen) and rubble (aquarium gravel) hex overlays should be easy to make as well.  However, I'm wondering how I should model streams and rivers on this map.
My scenarios will involve cruise missiles as well.  Any suggestions for modeling craters?


Maj. Diz Aster said...

Very cool gaming mat! For craters you could try something called "Paper Clay". They stock it at most Hobby Lobbys. I runs between $5 and $9, depending on the package size. It works great to make all sorts of simple terrain features like craters. It's great for building up terrain on figure bases too.

 Ashley said...

I will have to check Corsec out. Nice looking mat, and I look forward to seeing how you run with this.

Latric said...

Now. How to convince my wife that we need a hex blankie?

Colgar6 said...

Depends; how big do you want your craters? City-sized? Or just man-sized?

Desert Scribe said...

I want the craters hex-sized--about three-and-a-half to four inches across, enough to fill a hex.

Jon Hiesfelter said...

The standard size hummus/pesto/whathaveyou containers at the supermarket might be great as a base for paper-mache' craters.