Sunday, April 26, 2015

My old-school collection grows ...

Even though I'm a fan of early Dungeons & Dragons, my entry into the game was via the Holmes basic set, followed by the hardback Advanced D&D books. It wasn't till decades later that I found some of the original supplements (in good condition) in a used basic set purchased from a hobby store.
Now my collection is closer to completion. I was able to acquire a copy The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures, the third volume of the original edition of Dungeons and Dragons, as well as the second supplement, Blackmoor, both for a reasonable price.
I already have the other supplements--Greyhawk, Eldrich Wizardry, Gods Demigods & Heroes, and Swords & Spells. So to round out my colletion of original D&D books, I need to track down the first two volumes; Men & Magic and Monsters & Treasure.


Matthew Sullivan said...

Great stuff! Those are real museum pieces - glad you're shedding some light one them.

I've never read any of that really early stuff myself - is it comprehensible? I've heard that a lot of the early material made little sense if you didn't also own a copy of Chainmail.

Gonsalvo said...

till have my original copies of all of those. Matthew is right - and even with a copy of Chainmail, they didn't really fully make sense on their own; imndeed, we wound up pretty m,uch replacing the entire combat system with our own, based on Arnold J. Hendrick's "Sword and Spear".