Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Naval vessel rules for OGRE

I'm taking my Ogre games to sea. Eventually. Here are some naval units for some amphibious action. The have rules that are a little more complicated than conventional land armor, but like the superheavy tank, the vehicles listed below are affected normally by results of D or X on the Combat Resolution Table.

UNIT           WEAPON  ATTACK RANGE  DEFENSE MOVE                
Armored Boat                                   
               Cannon    4      2       2       3
               Missiles  3      4   
             NOTES: Two separate attacks vs. surface targets
                    Single A3 depth charge vs. subs

               APx2      1      1       2      3/2
             NOTES: Carries vehicles/infantry
                    Moves on water only
                    No road/water bonus when loaded

               Missiles  6      5      6/3      2   
               Torpedoes 3      1 
              NOTES: D6 vs. surface attacks/D3 vs. underwater

Armored Boat: The Armored Boat is a human-crewed watercraft designed for use on rivers and costal waters. It gets two attacks per turn (one equivalent to that of a heavy tank, and one equal to that of a missile tank) that can be combined if desired. It can also launch a depth charge attack at strength 3 against a submerged target in the same hex once per turn.

LC-GEV: Each Landing Craft-GEV can transport up to two companies (24 squads) of infantry or two armor units (for example, two heavy tanks, four light tanks, a missile tank and two light tanks, etc.). Alternatively, it can carry whatever models fit into its bay. LC-GEVs can only enter a land hex to embark or disembark cargo. Loaded LC-GEVs do not get a bonus for water movement.

Submarine: While submerged, a submarine can launch a single Ogre-type missile attack against a surface target or another sub. It can also shoot a torpedo salvo against a nearby submarine or boat. Submarines have a defense of 6 against surface attacks from Ogre-type missiles and howitzers, and all such attacks are at half strength. Subs have a defense of 3 versus depth charges, torpedoes, and marine infantry. No other unit can attack submarines.

If you use any of these in a game, please let me know how it does.


Gonsalvo said...

Interesting additions!

Colgar6 said...

Those LC-GEVs look incredible! Will we see them painted up sometime :-) ?

Desert Scribe said...

Eventually--but I've got four more to assemble first.

 Ashley said...

It seems to me, as I get older, it takes longer and longer to clean up models before one can start painting them.