Thursday, July 23, 2015

Still transmitting

Much like this ancient colony slowboat (note the rotating rings to provide centripetal force--the starship predates artificial gravity), the Dreadnaught is chugging along. I'm still getting organized after a move, but I hope to have more miniatures projects (spaceships, Ogre, and Oldhammer) and more gaming (same) to talk about soon.

Meanwhile, what do you think is the backstory for this interstellar vessel?


Tiny Basement said...

Glad to see the signal is still working. That spaceship looks like it was lost in the Warp for a very, very long time, but no one on board realizes how long . . . or notices the whispers in their heads are growing louder . . .

Anonymous said...

It looks like the predecessor to the ISS Warden...perhaps the ISS James, or maybe the Gygax. :)