Friday, July 24, 2015

Lizardman hero for Oldhammer

I've decided to build an Oldhammer army. OK, several armies. One of them is Lizardmen, since I got a whole bunch of them really cheap one time. And while I have plenty of rank-and-file, I needed a suitable hero figure. I didn't want to pay premium prices for a Games Workshop model, and browsing my local game store I came across this guy:
He's a Lizardman Warrior from the Reaper Bones line of minis, and I think he fits in nicely with the GW plastics. Here he is posing with a Skink and a Saurus:
Suitably imposing, as a hero figure should be, and he fits in style-wise to me. Once they are all painted, they should look good as a cohesive force on the tabletop.

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