Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ground Effect Ogre (work in progress)

I'm working on a Ground-Effect Ogre (GEO), using a Matchbox hovercraft as the chassis. In addition to some spare Ogre parts, I'm using a craft bead for the turret, and a whole bunch of green stuff--which is very difficult to work with.
It should look better after some sanding and a paint job. I'm also drafting rules for the GEO, which I envision as faster than a typical cybertank, but far more vulnerable because of its hover system. It's about the size of a Mark III, and I haven't decided how many weapons to give it.
I also rounded out my Ogre Miniatures collection with a number of light tanks, both PanEuropean (of which I already had a handful) and NA Combine (missing from my roster until now). 
A dip in the Pine-Sol and I can paint them up to match the rest of my forces.


Don M said...

Interesting, I'd give it two missiles (no secondary weapons) and extra anti-personal weapons. I see this as a fast attack to knockout the command post while the other OGER acts as a diversion.

 Ashley said...

Nice work.

I'd be inclined to stat it with two secondaries and a missile rack, but like most things it boils down to the roll you see it filling.

Collin Schrader said...

That's going to be a stellar-looking model when it's all finished, I reckon. Should be a very interesting piece of variety to play.