Thursday, October 29, 2015

My first games of Kings of War

OK, this was from almost a month ago, but I'm just now blogging about it. I played my first games of Kings of War at Great Hall Games in early October and had a good time.
I built my army from one of the new forces previewed on their website: Salamanders. It's mainly a lizardmen army analog, but it does include fire elemental troops, so I was able to use some of my new and old Hordes of the Things minis--the Sons of Muspel.
In my first match, I managed to defeat one of the Kingdoms of Men armies made from historical figures, despite my regiments' tendency to waiver (i.e., turn chicken, as indicated by the marker).
It was an escalation league; the idea being to start out with small points values and build your armies up over several weeks.
My second game was against an Oldhammer goblin force that ended in a loss.
I like the way the game plays, although I flaked out on the league and only played one more time. Still, I enjoyed it.
I need to finish my armies and have a few more games.


Colgar6 said...

Kings of War does sound as if it's becoming quite popular. Hmm, maybe I should crack open some of my old (and never used!) Warhammer armies...

Please do continue to tell us your thoughts on the game...

Ski said...

I'd love to delve into KoW but having long since departed with my old fantasy armies, I fear it would be just too expensive. It does sound like a lot of the local WHFB players here in Savannah are considering switching to KoW. Fascinating how GW literally gave away half of their business.

Tiny Basement said...

I was at my FLGS recently and, on the Games Workshop display rack, had the Kings of War hardback on (blatant) display. While they had some Mantic minis, they didn't have any KoW minis, just the rulebook. Clearly, something is afoot!