Monday, February 8, 2016

Monopolis traffic report (civilian cars for Ogre)

These are 1/300 scale architectural models from a Chinese seller on eBay. I figured they would fit right in with the 1/285 Ogre miniatures, and I was right. They also look good next to the 1/285 military trucks.
I want to use these vehicles for more than just scatter terrain for my Monopolis setup for games of Ogre--although they will work great for set dressing. 
These tiny models were cheap enough that I bought 300 of them, so I can make roads jammed with traffic that will play a part in future battles around the city of Monopolis.
They should be easy to paint en masse: I will get several colors of spray paint and take care of them in large groups (after first spraying the undercarriages black). Maybe a wash to bring out the windshield and windows, and I'm done mass producing cars.

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