Sunday, February 7, 2016

OGRE Designer's Edition play

Another belated game report; this one from the day after Thanksgiving, when I had a couple of friends over to enjoy the oversized awesomeness that comes in the massive OGRE Designer's Edition box.
First was the advanced Breakthrough scenario, with me as the attacker and Jonathan as the defender. Rob, who had played a game of basic Ogre with me a few weeks earlier, watched. I had a margina victory, not getting nearly enough GEVs past the defense like I was supposed to.
For the next game, Rob and Jonathan brought a couple of Ogres against my conventional armor force in a Raid variant with more units and a built-up city at my end of the board.
There was much destruction of town hexes as my defenders tried to use the terrain to their advantage. In the end, though, the Ogres triumphed.
I always enjoy playing Ogre, and I hope to host more games. I want to try out a massive invasion scenario using at least six of the eight GEV map sections that come with Ogre DE.
The defender sets up north of the river, lake, and stream that starts in the middle of the left side of the map. Use the overlays to fill the remaining clear hexes with town on that penninsula at the top, and have the attackers come from the bottom edge. Their goal is to capture that city. Who's in?

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Colgar6 said...

That looks like a massive amount of goodness! I'm wishing that I had both the time and energy to do Ogre on the grand scale :-) ...