Friday, August 11, 2017

Ogre UAVs

Here are a couple of unmanned aerial vehicles I plan to use for sci-fi armor gaming in general, and for Ogre/GEV in particular.
These castings started life as Kikyu gunships from Reaper's CAV line of science fiction combat vehicles, but for my games they will make great unarmed recon drones. I can see them scouting in the skies around Monopolis.
They fit in fine with the existing Ogre miniatures, as seen here, and I've come up with some simple spotting rules: All attacks on enemy targets within two hexes of the UAV get a +1 to their rolls. The downside? Any enemy attack automatically destroys it.
Here are the Ogre/GEV stats for the pilotless reconnaissance aircraft:
Attack: --
Range: --
Defense: 0
Move: 4-3 (as GEV)
Special: +1 to other units' attack rolls on targets within two hexes of UAV.
What do y'all think? Is this something you'd allow in your Ogre games?


Maj. Guiscard said...

I had always assumed that drones were simply abstracted away. I like your idea. It's pretty simple, but I would make them a little more robust rather than automatically destroyed.

Something that makes the attacker have to commit to destroying the unit. As written, I think the drones will get whacked by that one-off infantry unit that doesn't have a better target, if that makes sense.

 Ashley said...

Or laser towers, but I can't remember ever playing a game with laser towers. Having too much fun with other stuff.

Desert Scribe said...

Maj. Guiscard, I thought about giving them a D1, but that strays from the canon that aircraft aren't a part of Ogre because they're too fragile for the battlefield. Therefore, the UAV's player will have to choose between keeping the drone safe, but unable to target anything, or painting targets and putting the aircraft at risk.

Ashley, laser towers are fun if the other side has multiple cruise missiles.