Saturday, September 9, 2017

Pictures from an Ogre game

Last month I brought my Monopolis setup to the game store and put on an Ogre scenario of three cybertanks (Mark III, Mark III-B, and a kitbashed Ground Effect Ogre) attacking the peace-loving urban area defended by about 20 armor units and around 30 infantry squads.
Each Ogre had a separate objective, determined randomly. In a variation of "Kill the Command Post," their job was to get in, destroy the target, and get out. The defenders job was to stop, and destroy if possible, the attacking machines.
The defenders suffered from spillover fire when they parked multiple units in the same hex. They did use their infantry to great effect, keeping them behind cover in the town hexes until the last minute.
Unfortunately, the defenders didn't ever bother to fire on the GEOgre, so I'm still not sure if I need to tweak its stats or not. The hovercraft cybertank used its speed to go around one side of the city and then up the river, eliminating targets far inside the city with its main battery.
In the end, the Mark III and the III-B were both slowed down, but trudged off the map after eliminating their targets. It could have gone the other way if the defenders had a couple of better dice rolls, but I probably need to give them a few more armor units and infantry.
All in all, there were four players, only two of whom had played the game recently. I had fun running the battle, and it helped me get back into the grove for my MillenniumCon scenario--which will have room for ten players! See you at the convention in November.


CounterFett said...

Very nice report and pictures, looks like the game was a blast!

Don M said...

Yeah I think the defenders were a bit thin, might want to give them a few fixed artillery pieces....that should balance things out.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, y'all. Next time, I will definitely beef up the defenders.

Colgar6 said...

Poor Monopolis! It's only purpose is to be destroyed, over and over again...

Anonymous said...


Really cool post! I was wondering if you'd be up for playing the new Ogre digital game? Drop my colleague Jake a mail via the address here if it's of interest! -


Desert Scribe said...

Thank you for your generous offer to playtest the Ogre computer game. However, I do not have a Steam account and do not wish to sign up for one. Good luck with the rollout; I hope the game is successful.

El Grego said...

Very cool!

I missed out on the Kickstarter for the plastic minis - distracted by real life - but I think that I will jump back into OGRE after many years of absence. These pics are quite the inspiration; thanks again.


DevDigs said...

They were here when Hyperborea was at its height.

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