Sunday, December 31, 2017

Steelville battle report

So, awhile back I ran a big game of Ogre at MillenniumCon. The scenario was the Siege of Steelville, since the theme of the convention was the Battle of Stalingrad.
There were nine players, about six cybertanks, three cruise missiles and two detonations.
I had some of my custom units, such as the armored boats (above) and the Ground-Effect Ogre (below). Each side had a command post, and a missile crawler or two. The defenders also had some emergency response vehicles that could repair damaged town hexes.
The attackers also had an Ekranoplan that could transport a large number of infantry (shown here flying high for dramatic effect; in "reality" it skims above the terrain like any ground-effect unit.
The city took some pounding, such as here on the docks.
And the attackers dropped a cruise missile (center) right on top of their enemy's launcher, and right next to the defenders' command post.
The damage was widespread, but since I'd set up the rubble markers beneath all the town terrain, it didn't take nearly as long to show the devastation as it would have if I'd had to swap out each section.
Even though they'd been nuked, the defenders were still holding their side of the river, and they blew up the bridge to make it harder on the attackers.
But the attackers used their second cruise missile to take out the defenders' CP, meaning they could no longer combing attacks among units in separate hexes.
And the Mark III stared down its G-E counterpart, but didn't do too much against it.
The attackers were stopped at the river's edge.
The defending Ogres stayed in the city, where they could hide behind buildings. It would be hard for the attackers to dig them out.
But the attackers still had plenty of firepower on their side, such as this Doppelsoldner.
In the end, though, we ran out of time with the defenders still holding Steelville. I had a great time running the game, and the players seemed to have fun as well.
Looking forward to more gaming in 2018!


 Ashley said...

Inspirational game.

Ski said...

Great stuff! Any game with live nukes being used is an instant "win" in my book.

Maj. Guiscard said...

The work you put into all aspects of this game really paid off.
From all the terrain, extra units, to scenario planning.. what a great looking game.

Well done, and thanks for sharing this!

airbornegrove26 said...

Just came over here from the Majors blog! Holy smokes what a post to see first. I'm gonna have to sit down and look back through your posts. You gotta a new follower. ;)

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I'm glad y'all enjoyed the post.

Maj. Guiscard said...

Hi Scribe,
I checked my email, and I guess I do not have your address.
You can contact me at wdpiii at the place where they yahoo.


J Womack, Esq. said...

I played in that game, on the attacker's side. The defenders of Steelville should be glad that time ran out... their destruction was nigh!

Seriously, had a great time and have since spent a lot of money on OGRE stuff. Because... inspired.

Teddy KGB said...

Good times and J is right. City was about to be crushed!!!