Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Seven Years War game

One of the good things about game conventions is that you have a chance to try rules or genres you don't ordinarily play. It's nice to get out of my sci-fi comfort zone every once in awhile.
For me, that means trying out at least one historical game at MillenniumCon. This year I played in a refight of the Battle of Emsdorf using Fire & Fury rules.
It was a Friday morning game, in the first time slot of the con. The figures and table looked great, and it was a good way to start off a weekend of gaming.
I took some French regiments, and as the game was ending sent my infantry charging into the English guns.
The move somehow ended up succeeding, so even though we ran out of time, I feel like I accomplished something. But even if it hadn't, I tried something new.


Phil said...

What a great looking game, beautiful and colorful units and handsome terrain!

Gonsalvo said...

Lovely looking game. While I have 10,000+ historical figures, I have only played 7 a Years War
game once... in a convention game. It is an elegant looking period.