Sunday, February 10, 2019

Gaslands getting into gear

After months of idling and a few weeks of spinning my wheels, I finally took it into overdrive and ran a game of Gaslands. There were six of us, all new to the game, so it took a while for us to start firing on all cylinders. We played the Death Race scenario, but since we were unfamiliar with all the weapons and perks, we just treated all our vehicles as cars with front-facing machine guns. We had four of my vehicles in the race: the car Jake, the pickup Elwood, the dump truck Overkill, and a repainted Batmobile. Another player brought his Arkansas hillbilly-mobile, and the sixth member of our group brought the green military-looking SUV.
It took a little while to get used to using the movement templates and the skid dice, but after a few gear phases we had the game mechanics down. There were a few collisions, and a number of wipeouts, but we were all bad shots, and no one actually wrecked. We liked the resource allocation decisions: Do you shift gears and add more hazard tokens so you can move again, or keep it slow and steady so you don't wipe out?
Unfortunately for this blog, I was so into the game, I neglected to take very many pictures. All in all, the rest of the players said they enjoyed Gaslands and will play it again. Next time, I plan on using teams with all the available weapons and perks. I also want to run a narrative campaign involving a war rig, so I need to get back to the painting table ....

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