Sunday, October 30, 2011

Missing out on MillCon

Well, I'm not gonna make Millennium Con this year.  I ran a Galactic Knights game at last year's con, and I had intentions of running one this November--a pretty good eight-player free-for-all--but time just got away from me.  I got the reminder emails and kept telling myself I needed to register my game, but I never did. 

I've been training for a marathon, and in addition to being physically tired (believe it or not, a marathon involves a lot of running!) I've been mentally drained as well.  So tired that in the evenings, I haven't been able to summon the mental energy to blog.  That's kind of evident from the lack of posts this month.

So anyway, thanks to my procrastination and outside life, I wasn't able to get together a scenario for the convention.  Not only that, but because of the marathon (which is the Sunday of MillCon) and the fact that I'll be out of town the weekend before the con, I decided that I just have waaaay too much stuff going on.  Therefore, I'm not even going to attend the con as a player.  That's right, no gaming at all for me at MillCon.

I hate to miss out on such a great gaming opportunity, but I have to prioritize.  Once the race is over, I hope to get some more spaceship gaming in (and some more blogging!).  Meanwhile, if you do attend Millennium Con, have a good time.


ckutalik said...

That's a bummer, real life and its intrusions into our gaming schedule. But kudos for doing the run.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I'm in the same boat, sort of. I was going to demo a game of WTNW at Millenium 14, but my wife's illness has made that impossible. So I shall miss out on waht is possibly the best convention in Texas again!

Ah well, sometimes playing with toy soldiers just isn't the priority item it ought to be...

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Chris.

J Womack, sorry about your wife. Like you said, we have to prioritize.