Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Starships: Star Frontiers ships

After a two-week silence, I at least have something to share with y'all: Some more completed Star Frontiers Knight Hawks ships.
These are all from my last Half-Price Books score, and include some pretty rare privateer spaceships from a boxed set, as well as some scouts and a freighter from a Federation boxed set and a blister pack.
I painted these guys metallic pearl white, which very bright, then toned down the brilliance with a wash of metallic gunmetal gray.  The domes were done in gunmetal gray, and then details picked out in various colors I hadn't used before.
I really like these privateers--they look very sleek, like something out of a 1960s aerospace magazine.  They'll find use in my games as racing vessels or luxury yachts, probably.
Of course, these scouts and freighter will join the Galactic Knighthawks stunt team, a/k/a the Flying Roadshow.  I tried not to repeat any colors when painted the markings on the scouts.  It's hard to tell from the photos because of the flash, but I didn't forget the markings for the scout at the top; it has silver/white stripes.
 And, of course, I have another freighter.  This is the GKHs' support ship, or possibly a tanker for in-flight refueling.  You can see the details pretty well in these pictures.
Can't wait to get these on the tabletop, but I need to come up with some rules for them first.  Back to the keyboard!


ckutalik said...

Hard at work on those Half Price purchases. Bully for you, they are looking sharp.

Jay said...

Slick ships! :)