Thursday, October 18, 2012

Good news for HotT

Some encouraging words from a couple of the authors of Hordes of the Things. First, in the DBA Yahoo group (and re-posted to the HotT group), Phil Barker announced they're getting the rulebook back in print, with only a few minor changes:
Sue would wish to give you the good news herself, so I will just say that although we have had to change to A4 size, the rules that will be published on paper are those already on the website. These have 1 change from the last paper version, but which is already being played with. The only new thing in the new paper version is allowing an optional alternative measurement scale of one base width = 100p. This merely authorises a practise already used in some games.
Then, directly to the HotT list, his wife and co-author Sue Barker asked for input from gamers:
HOTT has been out-of-print for too long.

That's my opinion and I doubt if the rest of you will disagree.

I am trying to persuade my partners in WRG Ltd to print HOTT2.1 which is nearly identical to HOTT 2.0 It includes the change in move distances which has been in use for many years now -


It also has an option for distances to be measured in BW (base-widths) but this is optional and no-one has to take any notice unless they wish to do so.

My main reason for pushing this is my awareness of all the other things Phil is trying to do. This leads to an estimate that it will be about another five years before he has time to spend on HOTT. I don't think we should leave HOTT out-of-print for that long.

Let me know what you think, but PLEASE don't slow Phil up by sending more emails directly to him at least for the rest of this October.
I plan on buying at least one copy for myself and another to give away.  What about the rest of you?  Will you buy the new printing of Hordes of the Things?


Anonymous said...
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Zanazaz said...

I'm glad it coming back out in print. I'm not a huge fan of PDFs, and I hate printing them out. I would rather pay the money for a good copy.

chuck said...

Have you heard any more news on this? It would be great to see HoTT back in print!


Desert Scribe said...

I haven't heard anything more about this. Let's hope it's soon!