Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Starships: Watch out for that rock!

In 5150: Star Navy, you have to watch your speed when navigating around asteroids.  Go too fast, and you might fly too close to a piece of space debris.  If you're lucky, and your crew is good, you'll dodge it and avoid damage.  If not, your ship won't come out intact.
Depending on how fast you're going, it could be just some superficial damage (basically scratching the paint job), or it could be something serious, affecting your vessel just like a volley from an enemy starship.  So be careful when you're in an asteroid field--after all, the odds of successfully navigating one are 3,720 to 1!


Maj. Diz Aster said...

Those pictures look familiar- that the fleet I commanded at Guada Coma Con 2012? I did nail some asteroids when I didn't check my speed while maneuvering through the asteroids. The way asteroids work in 5150:Star Navy is neat- and I got very lucky on some of those collisions.

Jason said...

Never tell me the odds. ;)

Malcadon said...

Good one Jason! XD

...and yet, the fleet still could not capture that damned Corellian freighter.

Desert Scribe said...

Good eye, Major. Yep, those pics are from your Star Navy game at GuadaComaCon. Glad you like the game mechanic.

Jason & Malcadon: :)