Monday, October 22, 2012

Third-party OGRE products

Sure, the Designer's Edition of OGRE has been delayed, but it's worth noting that once it comes out, there will be a number of extra counter sheets (the result of some $4,500 Kickstarter pledges) available from other vendors that will supplement that big-box game.

The biggest of these supplements is the Nightfall Campaign from Fire Mountain Games.  I like the sound of this expansion--not only do you get some new units (including some more OGREs) in the counter sheets, there's also a 16-page scenario booklet detailing a war between rogue cybertanks and the last remnants of humanity (a sort of "alternate history" for the OGRE setting of the Last War).

Additional counter sheets from various sources will include armor units of the Nihon Empire; some cool terrain--including a missile base and crashed flying saucer and new 3-D units such as a giant lizard--from the folks at Board Game Geek; uncommon OGREs; Fencers, and more.  For the full list of sponsored sheets, see this post on the SJ Games message board.

I don't know about vehicle counters, since I use metal minis and the boardgame rules, but the terrain overlays and especially the scenario pack would come in handy.  What about you?  Is anyone planning to buy any of these supplements?


Keith Mingus said...

Thanks for posting this. I did not think of the sponsored sheets out there.


 Ashley said...

Like you I would find the map terrain and scenarios most useful, as I like to play with miniatures.