Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mines of Moria from GuadaComaCon

I'm a huge procrastinator, which is why it's taken me more than two months to post some more photos from this year's local game convention, GuadaComaCon.
These pics are from a Mines of Moria scenario run by a father-and-son team who made the drive in from a couple of hours east of here.  They missed their scheduled game slot because of car trouble, but I'm glad the eventually arrived and put on their game.
The game was based on the free Swordplay rules from Two Hour Wargames.  It featured all the highlights of Moria: the Watcher in the Water (a scratchbuilt figure), Balin's Tomb, and even the Great Hall with the big, bad, Balrog.
I was running 5150: Star Navy at the time, so I wasn't able to participate or take as many photos as I would have liked.  And as this was about the time my camera battery crapped out, most of the photos were taken on my ancient Blackberry, so apologies for the lack of quality.
As you can see, these gamers had a big setup, and it attracted plenty of interest from attendees.  I'm told that the players made it all the way through, and even managed to actually take out the Balrog--something the original Galdalf & Co. previous groups who played couldn't even manage.  Maybe I'll get a chance to play this next year.


Norman Harman said...

Pendant alert!

Gandalf did take out the Balrog!

Brad Ncube said...

I won that scenario with Boromir. And by win, I mean I stole the ring and high tailed it back to Gondor.

Desert Scribe said...

You're right, Norman. I had a brainfart when writing that. It's corrected now.

Great win, Brad. BTW, you need to come to NB and run some Traveller.