Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Starships: 5150 fleet action

I turned over the bargain Directorate fleet (above) to my brother over the weekend.  Since I also had a Firestorm Armada starter fleet (Aquan Prime, below), I brought it along for a battle.  Of course, instead of using that ruleset, we used 5150: Star Navy.  The models went on the table unpainted, but please don't hold that against us.
Both boxes contained the same number of spacecraft: one battleship (Class 5), three cruisers (Class 4) and six frigates (Class 3).  We quickly adopted them to Star Navy, my brother taking the Zhuh-Zhuh and me going with a Free Company.
Since All Ships Must Have Names, I christened my mercenary force as the Rampage (battleship); Steadfast (heavy cruiser); Standard and Striker (light cruisers); Fearless, Fang and Fortress (frigates), and Defiant, Deadly and Dreadful (destroyers).
 My brother went with a simian theme: the King Kong (assault ship); Curious George and Clyde (interdictors); Jane Goodall (cutter); and the Koko, BJ Bear, Albert the 1st, Donkey Kong, Tarzan and Heston (missile boats).
Long story short, I blew up or chased off a couple of his ships, and he was unable to do much to me at first.  However, once he eventually got into missile range, the missile boats kept chipping away at my battleship until he took the last hull point.  But I let him win.  ;)
Oh, and it was pretty cool seeing a hardcopy of the game I helped write.  My brother even asked me to autograph his rulebook.  All in all, a fun battle.  Until next time then, may the Zhuh-Zhuh prevail!


Maj. Guiscard said...

You see, this is what comes from "sharing"!

Looks like a good game. I will be going out toward your corner of Texas fairly soon for my job. Wnat to try to get a game in?


Desert Scribe said...

Hey will! Sorry I didn't reply sooner. It would be great if we could game together. Where exactly will you be?

Maj. Guiscard said...

We have shop out in Neu braunfels. Comal County Rentals. I am supposed to schedule a visit. No reason my visit couldn't be multi purpose. How are your Wednesday evenings?

Desert Scribe said...

I see your comments at work, and I keep forgetting to respond when I get home!

Yeah, Wednesdays will work for me, just give me some advance notice.

Maj. Diz Aster said...

Neat ships! Never really looked at Firestorm Armada ships before. They seem to produce all the ship classes you need to easily fit with 5150: Star Navy. Might have to order some from The WarStore- just did: 14 RSN warships Classes 3 through 5. Gotta get a Class 6 now. Then gotta decide on colors; must paint before "throwin down". RSN v. Aquan Prime, perhaps?