Thursday, February 21, 2013

Treasure of Dragons

Dragon magazine, that is (or The Dragon, as it was referred to back in the day).  Apparently, just about every print issue of this periodical is available online at the Internet Archive.  You can browse the issues on the website, and even download individual issues.  The collection also includes the Best Ofs and Dragon Annuals.  Polyhedron, the magazine of the Role Playing Gamers Association, is also there in digital form.  That's quite a trove!

Personally, I bought my last new issue of Dragon back in the '90s.  Lackluster articles and a lame letters section with fanboy debates on casting for an imaginary Dragonlance movie led me to believe that the magazine had jumped the shark.  Besides, I had been out of gaming for several years, and even though I would pick up the occasional find at a used bookstore, it would be years before I got into the OSR and back into gaming.

But I still look back fondly on those days of my youth, when seeing the issue in the magazine section at Waldenbooks at the local mall sent me thumbing through the pages and fumbling through my pockets for allowance money to buy the mag.  Now I can relive that thrill of discovery of some new gaming goodness.

(Hat tip: the d20 Dark Ages blog.)

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Malcadon said...

Yes, I have been hearing about Dragon and Polyhedron Magazines on The Internet Archive, but most people overlook that the list also includes Ares, The General, and Space Gamer. Hell, they even have Galaxy, OMNI and Starlog for all you sci-fi buffs!

On the above link, click on 'The Magazine Rack' to find more good stuff.