Friday, October 11, 2013

Another bout of X-Wing

I'm late in posting about some recent X-Wing battles at my house (Holdfast beat me to the punch a nearly two weeks ago), but I wanted to rave about this little minis game.  A couple of weekends ago, I hosted Holdfast and local gamer Kerstan for some fighter-on-fighter action.
There's some definite strategy to these rules--because players select their movement at the same time using maneuver dials, without knowing what their opponent will do, you need to learn to anticipate where you want to be and where your enemy will be.
The core set comes with two regular TIEs and one X-wing; but I had picked up an expansion ship, the TIE Interceptor.  Because the ships and their upgrades all have points values, we were able to make it an even match of the X-wing versus one standard TIE and the interceptor.
With three of us playing, we rotated fighters after every game.  We were able to get in several matches that afternoon, and the Rebel ship was destroyed in one game but prevailed in the other two.  The game is fast and addictive, and I want to play it again!

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Shaun Travers said...

I know what you mean. I had heard a lot about the game but while on a cruise teo weeks ago in the South Pacific with a group of other families, one of the Dads had brought along the X-Wing starter game (we were all different sorts of gamers and brought along different games - it will be the subject of a blog post when I get time). I think I got in 4 X-Wing games. All enormous fun and would easily play again. I have resisted buying it since I have come back but have already shopped around for the best price!