Sunday, October 20, 2013

HotT batrep: final game

For our third and final Hordes of the Things game of the day, Holdfast was the defender.  Since he got to place the terrain, he got rid of that lake and river that hampered his mobility.  Because he had left his stronghold at home, I loaned him one of my Mage Knight towers, which made a suitable base for his Empire army against my undead.
Maneuvering was pretty straightforward: his line advanced toward my main group of magician general with two elements of spear bodyguards, two units of shooters, and--most significantly--my artillery.
His army, led by his hero general, came straight at my forces.  Unfortunately for my opponent, he forgot that in HotT, artillery quick-kills heroes.  And that's just what happened, ending the game in an unsatisfying manner since I took out his general and inflicted more casualties on him than he did on me.
Because of this, we decided to keep playing as if his magician were the general.  The sorcerer managed to fend off my skeleton warriors, but ended up rolling a second 1 in a bespelling attempt, frogging himself and handing me the victory.
It was a good day of gaming.  I want to play HotT more often.

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