Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HotT batrep: Game 1

This is from a few weeks back when Holdfast came over and we played X-Wing and Hordes of the Things.  Contrary to his version of events, he won the first game we played.  Here's how it went down:

My fire army was defending against Mark's League of the Scarlet Falcon.  I set up a river and lake  because I wanted the help against the magician.
My raging wildfires (beasts) tore into the woods to take on the shooters.  They ended up getting destroyed piecemeal.
Meanwhile, it took forever to get a column of behemoths across the river, and thanks to lack of PIPs, I could only bring one into contact with the enemy.  Since behemoths follow up on recoil, that meant I ended up overlapped.
His hero general defeated my hero behemoth general, giving my opponent a victory.
But we still had a couple more matches to play.
To be continued....


Colgar6 said...

You sent *wildfires* into a forest?! I can only hope it had been raining recently, else the trees would be reduced to ashes :-) .

HoldFast said...

Nice to see photos of my figs from the front and top. Great work with the aerial views! Had forgotten the victory in that first battle. Winning in a hero duel seems so anti-climactic and less memorable. IRT wildfires, you should build some burning trees to place behind your warbands! No effect on gameplay, just as fun terrain candy.

Desert Scribe said...

Sorry, it was your hero general against my behemoth general, so even less memorable than a hero-hero duel. I've corrected it above in the blog post.