Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OGRE DE: Spouse-approved!

I picked up my retail copy of OGRE Designer's Edition from Dragon's Lair in San Antonio last weekend.  As you can see, the game is pretty hefty:  two feet wide by one-and-two-thirds foot high by almost half a foot deep.  The store didn't even bother to take it out of the box it was shipped in (seen in the right rear of this photo).  And it's heavy--around 28 pounds in all.
I started punching out the counters (after reading the instructions) and got my wife to help me remove them from the sheets and separate them by size.  I showed her how the various flat counters all have room in the storage tray. 
Then I mentioned that the game included a large number of much larger three-dimensional pieces that you had to assemble.  After gazing at a photo of a 3-D counter and looking at the stack of unpunched counter sheets, my spouse looked at me with concern.

"And so where are you going to put all your new toys?" she asked, visualizing dozens of OGREs atop every horizontal surface in the house.

"They thought of that when they designed the game," I replied, showing her the "garage" that has room for the various 3-D units that come with the game (and more).

She was very impressed with the consideration the manufacturer used in providing storage space for assembled game pieces--something most of my other games don't have.  She also liked how cleanly all the die-cut counters separated from the sheets to which they were attached.

"I like the job they did," she said.  "Tell them the game has spousal approval."

So good job, Steve Jackson Games!  The wife gives you a thumbs-up.


Gonsalvo said...

What higher recommendation is there than that? :-)

HoldFast said...

Always trying to hide the toys soMewhere. Why do women refuse to decorate with war game miniatures?

Colgar6 said...

I want one :-) !